Infra-red illuminators
Infra-red illuminators
Long-range infra-red illuminators

Medium-range infra-red illuminators

IR21, IR22 | 5W

IR52 | 9W

Power supplies
Power supplies
Brackets and mounting sets
Brackets and mounting sets


IR21, IR22 | 5W

Infra-red illuminator, suitable for both indoor and outdoor usage.


The IR 21 and IR22 are small, very efficient allround Infrared illuminators. When used for indoor lighting, they can even be mounted pointed to a wall or corner and light the room indirectly. In that case no light can be detected with your eyes. They are also very suitable for close to mid-range access control with numberplate recognition, or other outdoor purposes. There are dedicated brackets for Mobotix cameras available. A wall mount is included. It can be fed by the active PoE extender/splitter PoE-A-18 together wit a PoE camera over one ethernet cable.  

Technical Information IR 21 IR 22
Illumination angle (degrees) 30 80
Powerconsumption (W) 5 5
Range with 0.003 lux sensor (m) 30 18
Range with 0.08 lux sensor (m) 15 9
Wavelength (nm) 850 850
IP value 66 66
Colour beige beige
Dimensions (mm) 48x98x34 48x98x34
Weight (gr) 430 430
Power supply (V) 8 to 16 8 to 16
Built in photosensor (auto on/off) yes yes
Built in 90 seconds switch-off delay yes yes
Life expectancy (hrs) 50000 50000